August 25, 2010

I survived 19 going 20 days without a phone. And I think that I’m actually surviving quite well. I am working a lot more than usual (opening on Friday and Saturday, NOOOOOOOO) now, not because of getting cash to buy a new phone, but because I really really want to go on a getaway trip very very badly. So the phone can wait! To convince myself that a getaway trip is more important than a phone, I going to do a pros and cons list of not having a phone:


  1. No need to entertain the incessant texts from irritating people.
  2. No phone calls. If you actually know me well enough, you should know that I really dislike phone calls. Hate making them and hate getting them.
  3. Can concentrate on studying for Exams! (Not that I started already. T.T)
  4. No texts from Esther/Huili bugging for my schedule HAHAHA.
  5. No interaction with the world. I hate socializing, really.
  6. Cultivates the habit of wearing a watch. I very very very seldom wears a watch because I didn’t find a need to, unless it’s for the purpose of accessorizing.
  7. No phone to charge = no wastage of electricity.
  8. Improves punctuality.


  1. Constantly late for work. I’m very dependent on the time on my phone because I know that Shokudo’s clock is exactly 6 minutes slower than my phone’s. Now that my phone is in heaven, I got no way on confirming that so I usually go with the time on my watch and pretend that it has the same time as my phone. (I just realised my watch is 2 minutes slower than Shokudo’s yesterday -__-).
  2. Cannot contact my darlingzxzxzx. T.T
  4. Cannot be late for any outings.

Okay I stop here, it’s late and the brain refused to work. So, in conclusion, the Pros outweighs the Cons! So it’s good for me yay!


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