I believe that we are about to accomplish something amazing.

September 15, 2010

So I had steamboat + bbq buffet dinner with feifei and winnie yesterday and we ate from 7.30 to 10 and finished 5 people worth of meat and what I believed was 3/4 block of a butter. Damn sinful but sooooooo yummy! 😀 Winnie probably only ate 1/5 of the total and it’s totally not worth it for her but the amount feifei and I ate was crazy so next time you all want eat buffet ASK US ‘CAUSE WE VERY PRO WE HELP YOU GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MUNEY.

And look at the card I made for feifei super pretty right even the envelope I made is super pretty HAHAHA sorry must praise myself a little bit because I believe that if even you yourself don’t know how to appreciate your own work, nobody will appreciate your work hehehehe I so shameless.

Anybody wants to work at Shokudo? Shokudo is hiring poor students like you and me! The pay is really pathetic but there’s great company there including ME. The people there are really friendly and nice and funny even though they sometimes will make fun of you but it’s all part of the fun right!!!!!! Plus you will be doing a good deed because you will be saving me from the misery of constantly being cheated to work! But I can’t promise it will be more fun than being a yogurt/ice-cream girl HAHAHAHAHA but maybe it’s just me because I’m very obsessed with the idea of working as a yogurt/ice-cream girl! WHICH YOGURT/ICE-CREAM PLACE WANTS TO HIRE ME?


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