November 8, 2010

The 4 of us had a late night chatting session till 4am in macs yesterday after closing and it was nice knowing a little more of the people you are working with. The last time I had a late night chit chat session was only till 3am because, well, I would very much prefer something that doesn’t require too much talking on my part. You don’t know me as a sit down and chit chat kind of person.

Funny how all the late night chit chat sessions I had were with the working peeps after work, and I had probably less than 5 times sat down and really talked to my dear ones.

Late night sessions are just very different from those in bright daylight because the whole world is asleep and…it’s like  those troubles disappear as day breaks.They don’t expect you to offer any advice or contribution, they are just seeking for someone to listen. When you listen to those troubles of others, for that moment, you forget yours.


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