I just need one little thing to happen to remind me my whole world is crumbling.

November 25, 2010

Tuesday was bad. I was in a really bad mood half of the time at work and working 11 hours just sort of make it worse. I sat on the floor outside Shokudo like a homeless and called Feifei after work to whine and complain a little. And then…I started crying. It wasn’t part of the plan I didn’t expect myself to cry. I can’t believe I’m so weak. Talking about stuff made me realise how I fucked up all relationships and how nothing stays intact after contact with me.

I got far away from that familiar place because nobody should ever ever see me that vulnerable. And then my phone ran out of battery and I had to loiter around a bit for a while because I can’t possibly go back with red eyes. My biggest accomplishment of that day: scaring some random stranger i swear he jumped a little when he saw me sitting outside singtel hahahahahaha.

Went to sing with the Shokudo people till 5 in the morning. It was fine. It was pretty good actually. Theywere really understanding and I thank them for that. I spent most of the time sleeping hahahaha I’m such a pig. Slept at 7am woke up at 2pm and went to watch Harry Potter with feifei awesomezxzx. Mum says I’m becoming such a busy woman. Yes true I hardly see anyone anymore other than the Shokudo people haizxzx where’s my life.

Sorry feifei sorry I’m so hard to deal with sorry I’m such a bitch.


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