Cohen’s Classification of Tourists: The Explorers

November 27, 2010

[ik-splawr-er, –splohr-]

1. a person or thing that explores.
2. a person who investigates unknown regions: the great explorers of the Renaissance.

According to Cohen‘s classification of tourists, an explorer:
  1. Arrange their trips alone
  2. Go somewhere unusual
  3. Look for comfortable accommodation and reliable transportation
  4. Retain some of the basic routines and comforts of their native way of life
  5. Try to mix with local people and speak their language
  6. Dare to leave their “environmental bubble”
  7. Are non-institutionalized tourists

Our little getaway consists of budget airline, budget hotels, public transport, friendly taiwanese, new friend, cheap but tasty food, cheap shopping and lots of photographs.

Since it’s so rare that I don’t have work on a Saturday, I shall compile my favourite pictures from my Taipei trip hehehe click the cut!



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