Oh. It’s 2011 tomorrow.

December 31, 2010

So this year had been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

In January, I got a pleasant little surprise when I received my o level results, was a little lost and made one of my biggest decisions. In February, I left nydc, ditched my first choice, NP’s tourism, appealed into TP’s hospitality and took my first xray. In April, I had a full clique gathering with my darlings, bungee jumped and started school as a freshman in TP’s Hospitality. I made new friends and was relatively happy in school. In May, I had my first XLB buffet, drowned in projects, enjoyed school, got really attached to some people in school, hurt someone, lost my phone and made a big confession. In June, I underwent a lot of stress, drowned further in projects, received an assessment of a 32 pages long report, grew a year older, bought a red laptop, had severe sleep deprivation trying to meet datelines and started skipping lessons and lectures.

In July, I got my first A for a report, stopped work for awhile, lost some friends, some special people broke me(and my heart), made another big confession, cried buckets, wrote an apology letter and struggled to survive school. In August, I lost my phone(again), met my darlings quite a few times and went back to work. In September, I struggled through my semester tests, felt lost, sad and unwanted, fought a hard battle with myself, lost a relative, worked very long hours everyday, had 6-days work week, got my first pay raise in my entire life, learnt bar, made my first hot latte with pretty layers and got closer to some people I never expected. In October, I fell in love with work(and the people there), got a $20 tip from a customer, explored Taipei the locals way, tried to patch myself, gave up trying, left school, lost another relative, stayed out and went home late a lot. In November, I realise nothing is going to be ever alright, had many late night chat sessions at macs/bras basah bus stop/under the stars, gave up again, so many ruined relationships, bad atmosphere at home, got my heart broken by someone special, was disappointed, was lost, was confused, was judged, weak weak weak, crying after work and then singing at topone till 5am like nothing is wrong. And finally in December, I did lots of online shopping, revamped my wardrobe a little, stayed out till 2/3am a lot, relationships worsening more, seen a counsellor, stressed too much, met my darlings and worked a bit too much.

To sum up my year in one sentence, I can say that I’ve gained some friends, lost some friends, grew closer to some, drifted away from some, gone through some life changing experiences, had precious life lessons. There were disappointments, regrets, ruined relationships but I survived them all.

I’m ready for a new beginning, it will be good. I know. I just know.

I’m thankful for the wonderful and amazing people who stood by me, thankful for those who left me, thankful for those who broke me, for it’s them who will mould me into a better person.

And in the new year, I hope to pick up a new language, get a tattoo, go back to school, survive school, earn more money, become skinnier and prettier(HAHAHAHA), have less expectations both from myself and others. So yeah, basically I want to be happy. And become a better person.

Happy New Year, everyone! Have a great 2011.


2 Responses to “Oh. It’s 2011 tomorrow.”

  1. weijian Says:

    nice (Y). Happy 2011! Hope u have a great year ahead!

  2. shar0ntyz Says:

    Jiayou hehui. I’m here, just a phone call away. Love ya!

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